Friday, November 21

Thanksgiving Fun

Yesterday was so eventful that I just had to sit down this morning and write about it. Sometimes, it seems that Thanksgiving just gets completely overlooked due to the fun of Halloween and Christmas. I don't feel like we've overlooked it this year, though.

First Baptist Clinton had the Preschool Pow Wow Thursday morning. Collin was very excited about it. He has been singing the songs for me all week. His teacher gave him the name, Swift Horse, so that's what we called him all day.

I had to be at the school early, because there were many activities prior to the actual Pow Wow. There were drums, headbands, and and necklaces to be made. Oh, and war paint had to be applied. The kids all had a fun time. And, as they lined up, parents moved over to the gym.

Let me just pause here to say that Collin had been having a blast. He was in full Collin form and ready to perform.

So, you can imagine my surprise as the "indians" began their procession into the gym. They were all in a line and moving through the gym in a circle while beating on their drums. Very Cute! Except that there seemed to be one child who was VERY upset and crying at the top of his lungs while screaming for his mom.

Yes, you guessed it. That would be Collin. The same well adjusted, easy going Collin that I spoke of in an earlier post. Once he saw me, he came out of the line and walked over to sit with me (just in case I was trying to act like it wasn't my child that was the distraction). His teacher came and got him and stayed with him. She even sat down on his mat with him. I was pretty sure all was lost, and I was going to have to go and rescue him.

But, after two very short songs, he pulled it together. He even did the hand movements with all of the songs (which Caleb NEVER does) and a little pow wow jig with one of the last numbers.

Whew, glad that's over!

Caleb had a friend come over after school. They were so impressed with Collin's indian attire that they all dressed up and went out back to play indians. They had a blast and Claire was right there with them. I was inside working and cleaning and checking on them frequently. One time I stepped out and she had climbed up into the trampoline. (Grandparents, I was only inside for a moment. She wouldn't have been in there long without me.) She thought she was so big. And, I had a picture, but it won't upload. :(

Scotty came home and had to take us to dinner for HIS birthday. He left this morning to go hunt with his dad. Scotty's birthday is Saturday and the only thing he wanted was to go hunt before our trip. I apparently took him literally, because that is the only thing he got. I didn't even pull supper together.

But, in my defense, I was trying to make turkey cookies for Caleb's Kindergarten class. I wish I could show you what they were supposed to look like so that you can see the struggle that I had. But, I asked Caleb what it looked like and he said, "a turkey". That was good enough for me.

I assure you this isn't what they were supposed to look like!

And just so Scotty wouldn't feel completely left out, I made him a kindergarten version of a birthday cake. He was a good sport. Especially since he would never be forgiven if he pulled a stunt like this on MY BIRTHDAY. :)

It's o.k. for you to feel sorry for him. I do, too.

So, we're really off to Disney on Sunday. I know we are going to have a blast. Collin told me this morning that he did want to go to Disney, but he didn't want to see Mickey Mouse. Is he trying to make me CRAZY?!


Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

I love the disclaimer to the grandparents about the trampoline. I can SO relate. :)

Wendy H Copeland said...

Hey, I make those turkey cookies every year. Next time, do this. Turn the candy corns upside down so the tiny parts all touch together. Use orange icing to hold the corns together and to put behind the eyes. Take the smallest dab of black decorating gel to put on top of the eyes. I've done them a few years...has taken me w hile to get it like i want them! :) we can make them together next year!