Monday, October 5

Blushing Cheeks

We spent the better part of the day on Saturday at the soccer fields. Collin had a game at 9:00. Then, Caleb had games at 10:00 and 12:00. There wasn't enough time in between the two games, so we just stayed, had lunch and enjoyed the weather. All of us were so happy that the soccer fields had not washed away, we could have stayed out there ALL day.

But, due to our inability to be outside for the better part of the last three weeks, our summer tans have officially vanished. Everyone left with a little too much sun on our faces. Claire's was the worst, and I didn't even notice it until she woke up from her nap. She fell asleep on the way home and was just moved to her bed. When I went to get her later in the afternoon, I noticed that her cheeks were toasty red.

Later on in the day, Scotty was taking Caleb to a birthday party. He had observed Claire's cheek redness and said, "Dad, Claire looks like she likes a boy."

Now, I'm just wondering if he's seen that on a t.v. show or movie. Or, maybe he's heard someone talking about "blushing". But, maybe, just maybe, he has felt the heat in his cheeks over his own intrigue with girls. Hmmm...

And, since most of you know Caleb, you know I'll just have to keep on wondering. He'll never tell!