Sunday, September 9


Wow! What a crazy, hectic, unbelievably busy time of year. For me, it's always been that way. The life of a school teacher is chaotic during the late summer and early fall months. I gave that life up to be Mom, and now school beginning is crazy again because all three have their own school schedule.

But, this year we added a few extras. :). Moving! Unpacking! Settling in! Registering for NEW everything! Oh yeah... and starting a new business!

Yep! The last few months are a FOG! They are almost as foggy as the newborn months for each of the 3 C's. I'm not sure I'll remember ANY of it. But, we survived.

The kids are settled in, and they ABSOLUTELY love New Albany. I knew they'd adjust, because they're kids. But, I had NO idea they would fall in love with this place and these people as quickly as they have. And, I NEVER dreamed that the children in their schools would be so eager to include them.

Scotty and I are settled in. This small town already feels like home to us, and we've met some great people who have helped to make this transition an easy one. God has continued to provide for us exactly what we need when we need it and has confirmed OVER AND OVER that THIS is where we belong.

Starting a TOT business here has been CRAZY since I AM NOT a salesperson. Man! Have I had to step out of my comfort zone big time! And, what I discovered... again... is that blessings abound outside of the comfort zone. There's NOWHERE that is outside of God's comfort zone. So, He has been ready and willing to take over when I was faced with a job that I felt I COULD NOT do.

I wish I could load lots and lots of pictures to "show" pieces of our new life. I'd love to retell all of the stories that demonstrate how perfectly planned this move was for us. I just don't have the time and you wouldn't read all of it anyway. :)

What I do want to say is that while confirmation has been given time and time again that the Rogers belong in New Albany, MS, there have still been countless times that we've started to do something only to have it not work out "correctly".

Registering the kids for school did not go as smoothly as we would have hoped it would go.

Setting up "home" is having to be done in pieces, although I'd really like for every picture, every wall and every room to be perfect NOW.

We still have not come to a conclusion as to which church will be best for us.

Finding schools to allow me to do TOT proved to be harder than I had though it would be.

This list could really go on forever. But, it would be pointless. Because in every instance, I could then tell you how and why it worked BETTER the way it happened. Everything has taken place exactly as it should, because I've (we all have) been called into greater dependence on Him. In every example that I've given, just as I've started to fret and worry, God has come through in such a mighty way. I never had to guess WHO was at work. He has been showing me that He is working on behalf of me and my family in ways that I can't even imagine.

So, there is a verse that is now taped to the wall in my office. It's the verse that I speak in my head each morning. And, it's the reason that I voice my hopes and my desires to the Lord but then desperately plead for His way and not my way. He's proven that He knows so much more than I do. (big smile) And, He's shown me HOW MUCH I would have missed out on had we refused to follow His lead even though we couldn't see how it would/could work.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.  Proverbs 16:9

God's sovereign will is something I've grown to love, seek and TRUST! There's absolutely nothing that can derail His plan for my life. And, life is much more peaceful for me when I wake up in the morning asking the Lord to show me the steps He's determined for me.