Monday, April 27

Another Attempt at Demolishing Fear

Fourteen years ago--when Scotty and I started dating--I had BIG dreams that he would make me a runner. Running comes easily for Scotty, and he was a part of high school and college cross country teams. This dream never came true for several reasons. Scotty is much too fast to run with me, and I never really had the confidence to attempt to keep up.

On Friday, we were both headed out for a run. I was going to run my little 3 mile trek. Scotty was planning to run 5. On the way down the driveway, he invited me to go the whole 5 miles with him.

Honestly, I was very hesitant. I like to stay close to home...just in case I feel as though I can't/don't want to finish my run. Scotty's five miles takes him 2.5 miles away from our house only to turn around and run the same mileage back. It seemed a little risky for my first attempt. But, he brought up the fact that he does come to my spinning class. So, truly, this was only fair.

Well, I made it!!! Scotty ran much slower than he would have, and he circled back a couple of times when I REALLY lagged behind. I can't say that it wasn't painful. But, it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. I think I might even try it again one day. Maybe!?!

I am so bad about making things SEEM much worse than they really are. When I do that, sometimes the fear of the unknown can almost paralyze me. I've written before about me fear to get certified in group exercise. I really didn't think I would ever be able to do it. However, since getting that certification, I have achieved many exercise goals that seemed impossible only a year ago.

So, I'm still not a "runner", but I'm not afraid of running anymore. I'd love to say that I will not let fear take over in life's circumstances again. That's probably not going to happen. But, this run will definitely serve to remind me that "all things are possible", and fear should never dictate my decisions.

Wednesday, April 22

Pardon Me While I Ramble

This post is simply to let anyone interested in the "goings-on" of the Rogers' household know that we are indeed still alive. I just realized that it has been over a week since I last posted.

I can't think of ANYTHING interesting that I could share with you; however, that doesn't mean that we have been without activity. In fact, I think it means that we have been moving at such a rapid pace that I can't even keep up with all that we are doing.

It seems as though everyone is beyond busy these days. I think it is just that season. School is coming to an end and sports have begun. All of the organizations are trying to get all of their meetings in before the year ends.

We are so very ready for the summer. I have missed two fabulous photo opportunities over the past couple of days. These pictures would have made perfect pictures for a post about getting ready for summer. So, use your imaginations, please.

The first "picture" is of Collin. He CAN NOT wait for the pool to open for the summer. He talks about it all of the time. Earlier in the week, he drug out the basket with all of the swimsuits, put one on and ran some bath water. He had some pretend play time in the bathtub, and he certainly sounded like he was in a giant swimming pool. Wouldn't that picture have been too cute?

This morning, Claire found a pair of goggles. She insisted that I put them on and she walked around the house in them FOREVER. It was hilarious. She kept running into things, because they weren't positioned just right. But, she did have the fat lip due to the goggles pressing against her mouth. At one point, she wanted them pushed up on her head like sunglasses. As I stated, she was in them FOREVER; but, I was in house cleaning mode. So, it didn't cross my mind that a picture might be a good idea until she had thrown the goggles down.

I've rambled long enough. Maybe one day this week, I can remember to take the camera to the ball field and get some real pictures of Caleb playing baseball. He loves it so much. And, after a pretty pitiful year last year, they haven't lost a game yet. For my competitive, first child (and his Mom)...this is a whole lot more fun.

Monday, April 13


I had to wake Claire from a mid-morning nap to get Collin from preschool today.

This is what I found...

It reminded me of a similar picture. But, it's very hard for me to believe that almost 2 years ago, this picture was taken.

Wow. Time flies!

Friday, April 10

A Beautiful Trait

Yesterday, I attended an Easter egg hunt at Collin's school. Along with other Moms, I got there early to hide the eggs at a local park. Then, the kids walked over, hunted their eggs, played a little and ate snack.

They had so much fun, and I really enjoyed watching them. I realized as I was watching how much I LOVE school. I don't know if I just have more than my share of happy, school memories, or if it just comes with my calling as a teacher. Whatever the case, I love school and both boys are blessed with a great one this year.

The kids were playing and the parents and teachers were standing around watching and visiting. One of Collin's teachers (who is also a friend of mine) came over to brag on Collin a little bit. And, I admit, I do love to listen to someone brag on one of my children.

She went on and on about what a "cool" kid he is. She has no idea that she chose one of the few adjectives that he would use to describe himself. He loves that word.

But, then she began to talk about how sweet he is. I laughed (so relieved, really) and she said, "He is the friend to the friendless." Apparently, that is a phrase she uses often to describe him, because he demonstrates kindness to those children without a friend on occasion.

Now, I did not plan to post about this conversation as we were having it, but I haven't been able to get it off of my mind. What a great trait!

So, as I said in his birthday post, I aspire to be a little bit more like Collin...the friend to the friendless.


Monday, April 6

Truth from a Six Year Old

I spent this past weekend in New Orleans with my mom, my sister and Beth Moore. My birthday was Saturday, and I can't think of a better way to spend it.

We learned so much this weekend. If you've ever heard Beth speak live, then you know that we were also inspired. Her message was powerful, and we came away with many jewels.

She delivered 7 points from the fifth chapter of 1 Thessalonians. I won't post them all. But, the gist of the message was that we might be found "holy" through "wholeness" in Him. We laughed A LOT and cried some, too. Beth just has a gift with words and the delivery of them.

Friday night she spent most of our time talking about the importance of community. Her point? We can't be whole without others. This point was not foreign to me. I love community. I treasure my relationships with others. And, I know that we were made for such relationships. We were made in His image, and HE is a relational God.

Saturday, Beth talked about so many different things. But, at one point, she said that many of us need to COME BACK to the "land of the living". We can laugh at that choice of wording. We can nod knowing that it is true. However, when I stop and think about how many people (some who you walk and talk with daily) have "checked out" of meaningful life due to defeat in some area, I am completely saddened.

We were made for LIFE.

This morning, we were driving to school. It was a typical Monday morning. We slept a little later, because Sundays are long and hard. Then, I chased both boys around barking out orders, and they did not want to get ready for school. At 7:20, I put Claire in the car and sent Caleb to his seat. Honestly, I was feeling pretty proud that we were going to be on time despite the Monday issues.

I walked back inside to gather the last things and point Collin towards the car, and he was at the toilet pulling down his pants. Of course, it was #2.

With all hope of getting to Clinton Park BEFORE the tardy bell gone, we set out. Claire has a wonderful DVD called Ms. Patty Cake and the Praise Parade. (I would be happy to share more about these DVDs, because we love them.) About halfway to school, Ms. Patty Cake was singing a song about Jesus' death. The boys know all of the words and sing with her all the way to school.

But, today, Collin stopped and said, "WHY did He die?"

I was SO not in the mood for theology discussions, but this is the kind of question that you just can't pass up. So, I'm trying to muster up an easy yet true answer. There was no need. Caleb yelled from the back seat,


Oh my goodness, I'm crying as I type. I simply nodded. Exactly right!

Are you living? If not, do whatever it takes to "come back to the land of the living". He died so that we could do exactly that.

I know you think it can't get any better, BUT....

We were the last car to unload before the tardy bell! Maybe Mondays aren't so bad after all.

Wednesday, April 1

Oh, How Fun!

Caleb and Collin begged all last week for me to let them play in the mud. It has rained so much, and we have pretty much been surrounded by mud.

If you know me AT ALL, you know exactly how I answered their plea for mud fun. "Absolutely not! Too messy!"

Don't get me wrong, playing in the mud sounded fun to me as well, but I just couldn't get past the cleaning up part.

Well, on Mondays, I leave the house as soon as Scotty gets home at 5:00 to teach a step class. The boys bombarded Scotty in the driveway to ask if they could get in the mud. Here's a look at his answer...

Can you tell which of my children might be just a little bit more like me when it comes to getting dirty? Hint -- it's not the girl. He's the one with VERY LITTLE mud touching ANY skin. Bless his heart, he got most of my quirky habits.

But, they ALL had a BLAST!

And, when I got home at 6:45, all three were in pjs, and the washing machine was going. Fun for all, and I avoided the clean up. You rock, Daddy!!!

Now, I'm ready to say, "goodbye" to the mud and enjoy some sunny, Spring days.