Wednesday, April 1

Oh, How Fun!

Caleb and Collin begged all last week for me to let them play in the mud. It has rained so much, and we have pretty much been surrounded by mud.

If you know me AT ALL, you know exactly how I answered their plea for mud fun. "Absolutely not! Too messy!"

Don't get me wrong, playing in the mud sounded fun to me as well, but I just couldn't get past the cleaning up part.

Well, on Mondays, I leave the house as soon as Scotty gets home at 5:00 to teach a step class. The boys bombarded Scotty in the driveway to ask if they could get in the mud. Here's a look at his answer...

Can you tell which of my children might be just a little bit more like me when it comes to getting dirty? Hint -- it's not the girl. He's the one with VERY LITTLE mud touching ANY skin. Bless his heart, he got most of my quirky habits.

But, they ALL had a BLAST!

And, when I got home at 6:45, all three were in pjs, and the washing machine was going. Fun for all, and I avoided the clean up. You rock, Daddy!!!

Now, I'm ready to say, "goodbye" to the mud and enjoy some sunny, Spring days.


Stephanie said...

that is hilarious! scotty does rock...what memories were made that day. thanks for sharing.
love you,
p.s. say hello to beth for me. :)

Amy H. said...
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Heather said...

Sooo much fun! Tell Scotty I am bringing my boys over tomorrow:)