Tuesday, February 3

Reality Crashes In

It's gorgeous outside (well, cold, but still pretty). On days like today, I usually feel like being productive. When it's beautiful outside, I typically want to make it beautiful inside and begin to clean. I have Bunko at my house on Thursday night, so I NEED to clean today, but my body says, "no".

On Saturday, I came home from teaching my class at the healthplex and got a MAJOR migraine. I was in the bed most of the day. While the migraine is gone, a mild headache is lingering.

Yesterday, I took Collin and Claire to the doctor. Two hours and four prescriptions later, I found out that they each have a major case of the "crud". Claire has a bit of an infection with hers. Lovely!

This morning, I felt very ill while teaching my cycle class. Whether it was emotional illness or physical illness, I'm still unsure. But, I wanted to climb off the bike and jump back in bed nonetheless.

So, I'm wondering, when "Mama said there'd be days like this..." is this what she meant?

Then, I noticed that the terminology being used to describe the way I am feeling and the possible causes of my discomfort was undesirable to say the least. People are throwing around words like, "hormone changes" and using phrases like, "altering your exercise as you get older". Older? Me? Really?

So, even though I need to be cleaning my house today, I'm going to take some time to rest first. Why? Because I'm old...apparently. And, for that reality to set in, I'm going to need to prepare myself.


winstead family said...

not old at all, but may preggo?? :)

Amy said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Let's not start that rumor. That is one thing I am sure that it is not.

Just old. :)

Heather said...

Amy...you are NOT old! Because if you are then I am...and I am not ready to say that:) I hope everything goes well tomorrow. We can compare notes after our appts :) I love you girl!
PS. I love your new backdrop!!!

Stephanie said...

you are old. face the cold hard facts. i am old and i am ok with that. now laney on the other hand...she wouldn't be ok with being old, but amy, we are ok with that!!! being old has its advantages...i'll have to get back to you on what they are, but i am sure there are some. gosh, i miss you tons. by the way, i like the comment about being preggers. ??? oh my gosh is all i am going to say about that one.

Mama said...

Hello, my Little Girl! You will NEVER be old to me!!! Stephanie is right though, there are perks to being older. You'll find out in 30 years or so! I am glad you just stopped and rested. Do that more often. Listen to your body, your self. You've always been wise in your choices so make choices for you. The blog about Claire is wonderful! The pictures are fantastic. One of them looks exactly like Collin clowning in the tub. I realized on their last trip here that all three Cs are alike in their energy level---full speed ahead as long as they are awake! I love every minute of it even when I forget and yell and have to put myself in time out. I love you very much! I miss you very much! I pray for you very much! yo Mama