Tuesday, February 10

WARNING! This Blog Contains Much Complaining...

I'm not even sure where to start. Just as I was beginning to offer up much thanks that we have missed out on some of the various illnesses moving through our community, the Rogers household has received our share of sickness.

As many of you know, Scotty drives a school bus in the morning so that we can be covered by the State Insurance Plan. In the four years that he has done this, the coverage has been well worth the extra work that he does. Even with the high deductible, we have saved A LOT of money because we have this policy.

It looks like we might meet our 2009 deductible during the month of February which is a record even for us.

Let me just give you the short list...

- Last Monday, Collin and Claire visited their doctor for a croopy cough and yucky snot (sorry to be so gross, but I'm tired and can't come up with a more creative word for snot). So, that's two office visits and 4 prescriptions. $$

- On Wednesday, I went to see my doctor. My pap smear (sorry, guys!) back in July showed abnormal cells, so they needed to do it again. I was happy to do this, because I had so many questions about my headaches, tiredness, etc. Yes, we'd have to pay more money, but maybe I'd get some answers. Well, make that another office visit, two prescriptions and no real answers. $$$

- Friday morning, Scotty's back began to hurt him so badly that he agreed to go visit my chiropractor. He has posted some information on what is going on with him. But, for the purposes of my blog, that is another office visit. AND, Dr. Taylor will need to see him twice a week for the next four weeks and once a week after that. $$$$


- Last night, Caleb ran a high fever. He has been coughing but had not complained of feeling poorly. This morning, he woke up with fever again, and his chest hurt. It's...the FLU. Why not?! You guessed it, another office visit and 5 prescriptions. Dr. Purvis went ahead and wrote prescriptions for Collin and Claire in case they come down with flu like symptoms. Did you notice that I said "if" they come down with flu like symptoms? Who am I kidding..."WHEN" they come down with the symptoms. $$$$$

- And, finally, Claire will see a neurologist on Friday morning. We have known about this visit for a while. Due to the fact that she had two febrile seizures within 6 months, they just want us to go ahead and see a neurologist to rule out anything more serious. Our deductible is a wopping $2300, but I'll bet a neurologist fee and a few scans will get us there no problem. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

You won't even believe it, but just now, as I'm typing this whiny post, my doctor's office called to tell me that my second pap smear came back with the same abnormal cells. OF COURSE IT DID!!! So, they will need to do a biopsy.

Wow. Or, as Collin says, "Golleash!" If the bank account ever recovers, I'm not sure that I will. Now, to some degree, you know that I am kidding. There are many people who would love to trade their woes for mine. But, if it's all the same to you, right now I'm just going to whine.

Because I can't think of any great words of wisdom to end with, and I hate that I have complained through one whole post, please go read some good news at this site. I pray that this is the first of LOTS of good news for this precious family. "He GIVES and takes away."



The Patricks said...

Amy, I'm so sorry y'all are having a tough time. Having sick kids is NO fun, meeting deductibles by the middle of February just plain stinks, and mom being sick is the pits. The good news about Caleb's flu - if he got the flu shot this year, that should reduce the misery and length of this thing - that was our one saving grace with Lindsey last year.

Please know that I am praying for you and your family as you deal with illnesses and your biopsy. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Tracie P.

winstead family said...

wow i had no idea your little family was so sick recently! i will be praying for yall and especially for your biopsy. i'm sure that along with $$$ it might hurt too. :( xo

Amy said...

OH, thanks for the reminder, Jenny. I've already asked if I get an epidural for this "little" procedure. It seems the answer is no.

Heather said...

Hey sweet friend...wow! It looks like you and I are both ready for spring!!! Good grief at the sickness! This too shall pass and the even better news...we have a healer that loves us very much! I pray that God will heal the rogers 5 and do it quickly! Please know that I will be taking you and claire bear to the feet of Jesus over the next few days and weeks! The test will go great...I know it! Love ya girl...movie night is screaming our name!

Stephanie said...

amy...wow! i am so very sorry to hear of all of the drama (is that really an appropriate word for all of this?). know that i am going to be praying even more for your family. and, i know SOON the clouds will part and the sun will continue to shine as it did today for you! going to call you friday...
love you much,