Friday, May 21

Hello, Blog World! I've Missed You...

Wow. I feel like a stranger in my own blog! I have no excuses. Actually, I do, but I'm not going to share them. Let's just say we've been enjoying A LOT of God's Goodness in my absence. And, most of it has been done at the ball park. While I realize that this would be a death sentence to most people, we LOVE it. And, it's something we all enjoy doing together. Caleb and Collin each had at least 10 games this season. Scotty coached them all and Claire and I watched them all. We are away from home more during the spring, but we have spent more time ALL TOGETHER than ever before. It's been fun. reason for writing today. Another chapter is ending for my children. The biggest news is that Collin is a preschool graduate! He has the semi cap and diploma to prove it. He has had such a wonderful preschool experience! His teachers and his friends LOVE him. And, he is so ready for Kindergarten. I couldn't have asked for more. His last day was yesterday, and when he woke up this morning, he really thought he was going to Kindergarten.

Caleb is wrapping up first grade. UNBELIEVABLE! Two years ago, he turned 5, and I was super anxious about it. The reason...because I knew that once he began "real" school, the years would fly by. I was right! However, the time has been so much fun that I can't really grieve it's passing. Every new season has been even more fun than the last. So, I am now excited about the years to come as Caleb leaves the FABULOUS Clinton Park for Northside.

Now, I can't let a door close without looking at all the angles and really analyzing all that we have to be thankful for. I say it over and over, but it's worth repeating...God's greatest gifts to me have always been the PEOPLE that he has placed in my life! I'm talking about family, friends, Scotty, our children, teachers, pastors, mentors, etc. The list could go on and on. At every stage of my life, I can name someone that made a difference in my life at that point.

What I have noticed this year more than ever is that God is blessing my children in the same way! And, that is so exciting. They have been so blessed by the teachers, friends, and leaders that they have come in contact with over the past couple of years. I LOVE that Scotty and I are their main "teachers", but I am also glad that their lives can be enriched by others who are so eager to teach and encourage and love them.

The flip side of that is that they are learning now (in very small ways) that THEY can be that "make a difference" person in someone else's life. And, I pray they will take advantage of those opportunities.

There are LOTS of choices families must make these days about school, church, activities, etc. I don't feel that any one choice is THE right choice. But, we all have to make the right choice for our own families. I'm so happy with the choices we've been able to make for US.

So as we move into the summer knowing that the next school year will begin with Caleb in 2nd grade, Collin in Kindergarten and Claire in preschool (WOW!), I can only look with anticipation for even more relationships that God will bless us with individually and as a family.

Now, let the summer fun begin!!!