Thursday, January 29


I am so thankful to have a little girl. Not many people have heard me say this before, but I asked God for a girl not long after Collin was born.

He was not quite 2 months old yet. I was sleeping on the floor in his room. (Scotty and I took turns doing this when the other person needed a good night's rest. That's why Claire has a twin bed in her room.)I'm pretty sure Collin had just woken up, taken a bottle and gone back to sleep. As I tried to get back to sleep myself, I began to think that I just couldn't be "done" having children. I knew that I was going to have to do "the baby thing" one more time, and at that moment, I asked God that it be a girl. I loved my boys, but I wanted to experience both.

When I found out that Claire was a girl, I sighed in relief thinking of all the moments I would not be experiencing again. Collin's second year and a half were BUSY to put it nicely. Surely a girl would be calmer, milder and not into EVERYTHING.

Today, I felt like I was chasing 18 month old Collin around the house.

She found a pack of gum, opened every piece and ended up with about 8 of the pieces in her mouth. She actually did a pretty good job of chewing it. I'll probably find bits and pieces of it for weeks.

She drew all over the refrigerator door -- thankfully with a pencil.

She's also drawn on the couch and ottoman -- NOT with a pencil.

She hates the word "no" so much that she will throw herself into a fit on the floor at the sound of it -- okay, that's a little more like Caleb.

And, she scares me to death in the bathtub -- flipping and twisting and jumping like it's a swimming pool.

So, not only does Claire LOOK exactly like the boys wearing a bow, she acts just like them too. They've trained her well.


Jamie Ford said...

I cannot imagine my life without Baby Claire! I am so thankful for her...tell her she can come to my house anytime and chew all the gum she wants!!!

winstead family said...

all of your children look so much alike it's crazy!!!! :) i guess i'll find out what i'm having in august! shan's really hoping for a little girl. :)

Alyson said...

This sure did make me miss Claire Bear!! :)
Please give all 3 a BIG hug and kiss.
Oh, and give Claire a Sharpie and tell her Sassy said, "Use it!!"
Love you 5,

Amy H. said...
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