Monday, January 26

Number 6 Birthday

Caleb's birthday weekend was a success. We all had a fabulous time as you can tell by the pictures. I have become thoroughly aggravated in attempting to put together this slideshow. It REALLY frustrates me that the slideshow and my post are separate, but I'm tired of playing with it.

Last January, right after Caleb's 5th birthday, his class at preschool spent 6 weeks at Funtime Skateland learning to skate. He announced at some point during that time that he wanted a skating party for his "#6 birthday". I was shocked that he remembered this year when I asked him what he wanted to do.

First of all, I was a little bit hesitant when I heard what it cost to have a party at the skating rink. We usually have home parties, so spending a large amount of money for a party seemed frivilous. But, IT WAS SO WORTH IT. The kids had lots of fun. Several of the parents even skated, and we had fun too.

The birthday cake is always an issue for me. I have never even considered making the cake for any of the kids' parties, because I am too much of a perfectionist. While I am pretty sure I could make a cake that would taste decent, I would know that someone else could have made one that would LOOK much better. I decided to try a local bakery this year instead of making my run to Pearl for That Special Touch. Baker's Bakery did a fabulous job. The cake was very cute and very good. So, if you need a cake, give Beth a call.

On Friday night, Caleb had 4 of his friends over to spend the night. WOW!!! They played the Wii and it actually sounded as if we were at a live sporting event. They wrestled upstairs (with Scotty) and I can not believe no one was injured. About 10 o'clock, I put in a movie and fixed all of the sleeping bags on the floor in the den. They all finished the movie but passed out soon after. For six year olds, I thought they did beautifully.

We also made a trip to the mall with Sassy to "Build a Bear". Then, Caleb got new tennis shoes, baseball cleats and some new clothes. Even though he is a boy, Caleb enjoys getting new clothes as much as I do. Then, MiMi Norma came on Saturday. She added some money to the cash already received and he got his DS. He was FIRED UP!

I'm pretty sure this was his best birthday so far. Since I still enjoy my own birthday, I was so happy to see him have such a great time.

It will be hard to top "#6 birthday".

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