Thursday, January 22

Has Anyone Seen This Baby?

I realize that all of our children look alike. So, if you're having trouble figuring out who this is, don't worry. Caleb's birthday is tomorrow, and I have been feeling somewhat nostalgic. I was going through the pictures and remembering bits and pieces of our first 6 years together. Everything baby about him is now gone.

I must confess that every bone in my body wants to be sad. I could really spend some time remembering how quickly these six years have come and gone and how in the blink of an eye, the next 6 and the next 6 will follow suit.
Just check out my cruise down memory lane (but don't look too closely. Scotty wasn't here to help me scan pictures, so I took pictures of pictures).

Caleb at 4 months and our first Easter together.

This is Caleb at 2 years old. Collin had just been born.

Caleb is three years old and this is one of my favorite pictures.

Caleb is opening presents at his 4th birthday party.

Caleb's invitation picture for his 5th birthday party

There's only one reason why I just can't let myself be the least bit sad today...Magdalena Grace Roberts. Do you know her? Have you met her sweet parents? Have you read about how her entire family rejoiced in every, single day she had here on Earth?

If not, let me just tell you. Magdalena was born with a disease called Trisomy 18. Her parents (along with many other parents in similar situations) were not guaranteed one minute with her alive. With this diagnosis, many times doctors will advise abortion. But, Noah and Julie accepted the reality of her illness but refused to cut their time with her shorter than God had planned.

Magdalena was born and lived over 150 days (you can find the exact number on their site), and I watched and read as her family embraced every day. There was no apparent mourning over the fact that their time would inevitably be cut short. They did not resist attaching themselves to her out of the fear of having to say "goodbye". And, today, I wonder why it is my natural tendency to mourn time's quick passing.

No, I'm going against my nature. Today, I am going to be defiant (and that's always been difficult for me). Turning my back on what I am naturally bent to do, I'm going to embrace the example given to me by the Roberts/Moore/Prather families. And, I am going to celebrate LIFE.

Caleb's life is truly a gift. He has blessed us tremendously in six years. Therefore, I will look forward to the next six and the next 6 and... Because I know that what God has in store for him is great. And, I'm very grateful that I get to share in it.

Ecclesiastes says, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." There is certainly a time for sadness, but I think a six year birthday is not it. :)

So, Happy Birthday, sweet boy. You make us very proud.


winstead family said...

just so you know, you should write EVERYDAY! it's like reading a devotional for me! xoxo

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to Caleb! Love all of you...looking forward to talking to you soon.

Dee Dee said...

Truly, Amy, I think I'll just stop blogging and read yours! What a wonderful perspective on the passing of time. Happy birthday to Caleb - wish we could be there to celebrate! :-)