Monday, November 3

The Amazing Collin

I made a reference to Collin's new school on a previous post. So, I wanted to update you on what has been going on in Collin's world.

He began preschool this year at First United Methodist Preschool which is where Caleb went to preschool. He had Ms. Linda G ("GG") which is who Caleb had. We LOVE her. I am very attached to FUMC. They do a wonderful job with the children, and Ms. GG is just the perfect "first teacher" for any child to have.

Once Scotty became the interim preschool minister at FBC, Clinton, I began to think about the possibility of moving Collin to our home church. After asking questions, visiting the preschool and asking more questions, we found out that staff members receive a pretty significant discount on preschool tuition.

I cried over the decision but it was an obvious one. At this point, our decisions are pretty much directed by the financial situation which is; cheaper is always better.

Now, I know that FBC has a wonderful preschool program, and we love the church. But, my trouble in making the move was that I HATE CHANGE! We know the program at FUMC. We know the teachers. They know us.

However, in typical "Collin" fashion, he made the transition beautifully. He went for sort of a preview day on Friday and acted as if he'd been there all year.

When I went to picked him up, the director had a very funny story. At lunch time, she overheard a couple of the older boys in line talking about how they needed to hurry to get to lunch so they could eat with Collin. Priceless. He is the life of the party, and he takes that party everywhere he goes.

He is "the amazing Collin". He is full of surprises and such a joy. He has the ability to take every situation and make it as positive as he possibly can. Earlier today, Scotty and I were discussing which one of us passed on that trait. We thought long and hard and are pretty sure he got that one from His Heavenly Father. Neither one of us can take credit.

The program at FBC is a five day program, so I took him to school this morning. Right after he woke up, he started to get a little weepy about going. But, once he was awake, cowboy boots and hat on, he was ready to go. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I had to say a little prayer of thanksgiving for the gift of Collin. He's pretty amazing!!!

Now, go vote, people!!


winstead family said...

i'll be re-reading this post soon when i am trying to decide on switching cole's school. it's SO hard for us, but alot easier for them...
LOVE the pic of him in his daddy's boots. :)

Aly said...

Hi sis!
Please hug that sweet boy from me :)

Claire said...

Well, when my parents lived here one thing that would NOT have changed would have been his music teacher! My mom did music at FUMC AND FBC!!! :-)