Sunday, November 2

A Girl and Her Shoes

I know two posts in two days is unusual for me, but I just had to write about our trip to the shoe store yesterday.

I can vividly remember buying Sunday shoes as a child. Actually, I can remember buying any kind of shoes. I LOVED it. Really, I still do. I don't know if that is simply a trait characteristic of all girls or if my little girl just inherited it from me. But, she truly enjoyed shoe shopping yesterday.

Thanks to Dee Dee and Amy, we don't have to go clothes shopping very often. Claire has more clothes hanging in her closet than she will ever be able to wear. So, each season, I go through all of the clothes and shoes and fill in where needed. She has needed some white Sunday shoes for a few Sundays now; and, today, she had them. Aren't they precious!

The most precious thing, though, was the way Claire acted while trying on shoes. She sat right down in the floor as soon as they came out of the box like she knew exactly what she was doing. She walked around in the shoes once we put them on. Then, at home, she wanted the shoes back on. Honestly, she acted like she was showing them off to anyone that would pay attention to her (which is every single person who lives in our home).

I gave her some Benadryl before her nap, because she has a pretty runny nose. So, even after waking up, she was still groggy. But, as soon as she saw her shoes on the counter, she started pointing and making her "Claire" sound letting me know she wanted the shoes. She wore them until bath time, during which time, I hid the shoes.

I'll leave you with pictures of Claire ready for church this morning. I'm just warning you, though. This just might be the cutest thing you will see all week...even with a busted up face! :)


Aly said...

OK, so I know I am a sucker!!
I love the 3Cs more than anyone - besides their parents ... I AM SURE OF IT!
BUT I have cried and cried and smiled until my dimples hurt looking at the last 2 posts!
Claire is beyond precious!
I miss you all so much!
And about Halloween ... take it from a girl who got married on 10/31 ... It is the day THE LORD made. I rejoiced this year for 9 years!! I am so happy you had a happy halloween :)

Stephanie said...

Alyson SO cracks me up... Anyway, love the story about Claire and her shoes. Such a girl!!