Saturday, November 22

Consider Yourself Warned!

As I stated earlier, Collin created an entire indian costume in preschool this week. The Pow Wow was on Thursday, but he insisted on wearing it all again on Friday.

After preschool, we met Heather and Logan at Mazzio's for lunch. A very sweet, elderly woman was watching Collin and me as we moved through the restaurant. She was grinning ear to ear as we passed her, and she said, "what a cute little indian."

Collin stopped immediately, turned around and said, "I'M NOT CUTE. I'M AWESOME!"

Thank goodness this lovely lady had a sense of humor. She was also quick. Because, without even stuttering, she begged for forgiveness and told him he was awesome.

With slight eye rolling, Collin turned and headed to our table with a very confident look on his face. Obviously, he felt sure that his discipline had been productive and this woman would not make the same mistake again.

I tell you this story so that you will learn from her honest mistake. Please do not call my very cute three year old "cute". You can probably handle his attempt at authority, but there's only so many embarrassing moments one mother can take.

Happy Thanksgiving! Due to the fact that I will not be able to use this week to decorate our home for Christmas, I decided to go ahead and decorate my blog.

Oh, and let me update you on our Mickey Mouse viewing status. Collin does want to "see" Mickey, but I am to inform Mickey not to "touch" Collin. And, he will take no pictures with Mickey. Well, at least the situation is improving. Be on the lookout for Disney pictures WITHOUT Mickey Mouse. WHATEVER!!!


Dee Dee said...

I sure hope Mickey doesn't try anything risky. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Jill said...

I can't wait!!! Hope you're have an awesome time!! Did you follow Tour Guide Mike?

Aly said...

Hi Sis!
How awesome is Collin???
You are @ Disney right now...
Can not WAIT to hear all the stories!
Claire is here with me and I WANT A CLAIRE!!!
That is what I want for Christmas!
Can I keep her?
I love you thiiiiiis much,