Monday, November 10

Happy Birthday, Sassy!!!

Just a short post tonight to say, "Happy Birthday" to my sister.

My kids call Alyson, "Sassy", because I taught them to. When Alyson was little, my parents say that she called herself Sassy. That was her version of Alyson. So, when we started thinking about what Caleb would call her, I immediately thought of Sassy. It fits -- she's pretty sassy.

Alyson is one of those people who NEVER forgets a birthday. My card & package always come several days early just to sit until the day that I can open them.

I, on the other hand, usually have to call her mid-day on her birthday to say, "happy birthday" and then make sure I have a gift the next time that I see her. I wish I could blame this on the fact that she doesn't have kids yet. BUT, I didn't do any better prior to the three C's.

So, I'm hoping that a "Happy Birthday" shout in blogger world will make up for my inability to properly plan for such a special day. Hope your day is GREAT, sis. I love you.

Also, please pray for my friend Stephanie. Wednesday, November 12th, is Jason's birthday. And, while I know that every day since his diagnosis has been difficult, Wednesday will be especially hard. So, say a prayer for Stephanie, Jason's parents (Jon Mark & Peggy) and his brother, Brad. God is good. And, I am praying that Wednesday will bring a perfect reminder of God's sovereignty, care and love even in this great loss.


Aly said...

Hi Sis!!!

Thanks for the Happy Birthday!
I love being "Sassy"!!!!
I wish I could see 3Cs for my birthday :)
I miss you 5.

I am praying for you, Steph.
I hope Wednesday is full of Happy Birthday memories.
I wonder what Jason is doing on his first Bday in heaven?

Stephanie said...

Hey to my 2 favorite Cutrer girls! So sweet of you both. Oh... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Alyson! You are just too precious.
Thank you both for your prayers. This week has already started off rough, but knowing God will see me through...
I, too, have wondered what J is doing on 1st b'day in heaven. :)
Love you both,

Dee Dee said...

Hey - I'm back! Our internet is hooked up, and I couldn't wait to see what was going on with you.

Alyson, Happy Belated birthday. Hope it was fun!

Amy, I'm the same way about presents, as you know. My dad's birthday was earlier this month, and he has no present from us. I did remember to call and was pretty proud of myself for that!