Monday, November 17

Mickey Mouse, Here We Come!!!

It has been such a long time since I posted anything about my family. I promise my children have still been saying funny things and doing CRAZY things. But, I just haven't taken the time to sit down and write about it.


Well, because all of my computer time lately has been spent with Tour Guide Mike. I recently heard about this website. For a small fee, I gained access to the experience of this long time Disney tour guide. You would not believe the information at this site. He tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about Disney World. We are going at a very busy time of year (as if there's a non-busy time of year at Disney), so he tells you when to visit each park to avoid the huge crowds. He even tells you what time of day to visit each attraction, where to stand for parades/fireworks, and which rides to fast pass and when. Amazing!!

I have been just a bit overwhelmed. I've printed my own little Disney book complete with all the information necessary for a perfect vacation. And, luckily, I will have plenty of time to read it as we DRIVE to Orlando. The budget just doesn't allow for 4 flights this year.

The boys are pretty excited about the trip, but I might be a little bit more excited. I just LOVE Disney World. But, at 5 and 3, the boys are at perfect ages to enjoy the magic. (Claire will be going with MeMe Janet and Pop to visit Sassy.)

So, next time I post, hopefully it will be with some beautiful pictures and a few funny stories. But, for now, it's back to planning for me.


winstead family said...

YAY! i was going to write you today and ask you for that site! you are so good! :)

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

We went two and a half years ago. SO MUCH FUN!!! I think I was just as excited as the kids were!

Aly said...

Hi Sis!!

I am SO excited for ya'll!!!
I also am pretty excited myself to see Claire bear!
I hope you have an amazing time!!

I love you,

amy said...

Y'all are going to have so much fun!! When we went we took the girls to a breakfast buffet with all of the Pooh characters. That was alot of fun!