Saturday, July 13

A Year of Goodness

My computer faces a window that peeks out to the beautiful lake behind our house. So, that's where I'm sitting. This awe inspiring view always reminds me of a GREAT God who does GREAT things. His very creation models the great work of our God. But, He's even more personal in that He works just as mightily in the lives of His children. Today, I'm reminded even more of God's great power and greatness. Because, TODAY, marks a year since we loaded our vehicles and left our home of Clinton.

July 13, 2012... We celebrated Claire's 5th birthday at Build A Bear with sweet friends and family. Then, we said our goodbyes and headed for North MS. Honestly, we had NO idea what we'd find here. Scotty and I moved to Clinton in 1993 as college freshmen. As a young married couple, we chose to make Clinton "home". We'd never experienced a move together. And, our children hadn't known another home. So, we SHOULD have been terrified! Right?

Oddly, the five of us were completely at peace and very excited. Looking back, I still find it crazy that very few tears were shed. Our move signified ANSWERS from God. Shortly after Scotty's resignation, our family faced a season of NOT knowing. ANYTHING! We didn't know where Scotty would work, where we'd live, iF we needed to move, etc. We knew (most days) that the Lord would provide answers for us. But, those answers didn't come right away! As a family, we all memorized Proverbs 3:5. We recited it regularly. We talked about it. We prayed it. By, the time God showed us that we were to sell our house and leave Clinton, He'd prepared us for WHATEVER His answer would be. As we pulled out of Clinton, He'd shown us clearly that HE was moving us. And, if HE was moving us, HE had greatness in store for us. We were SURE of THAT!
He's proven faithful! AGAIN!! There is no way that I can even put into words how much goodness He's packed into only a year. I'm not even going to try. You'll have to trust me. His provisions for us have been miraculous, and He's demonstrated that He is involved in EVERY area of life.

Beyond that, we've seen again and again that there are SO MANY things we would have missed out on had we never moved. We were forced to leave what we knew and move into the unknown. Each one of us have been catapulted out of our comfort zones on more than one occasion over the past year. BUT... if we'd not been forced to do so, we would have missed out on many, many, MANY blessings. Great friends, new businesses, a slower pace of life, BEAUTIFUL surroundings, enjoyment of more family time, excellent ball teams and coaches are only a FEW of those blessings. Internally, we've all experienced the goodness of the Lord in ways that would never have happened in our comfortable surroundings.

And, here's the stark reality of our situation. We SHOULD NOT even still be a family. The sin that Scotty allowed to rule his actions for a period of time SHOULD have led to the end of our intact family. God, in His grace & mercy, said, "NO!" He stepped into Scotty's life and TOOK OVER. In and of itself, that action was the beginning of a complete makeover for our family.... emotionally, spiritually, physically, and every other way you can imagine. The intimacy and pure joy that we experience as a family is something I never knew existed. We were missing out. And, God saw fit to use a horrible situation to show us that He had better in mind for our family. We are experiencing His "better" each and every day.

I have this small fear that this post is coming across as "Hey, look at us and see how great our life is." Well, I AM trying to encourage you to look at the goodness we are living in and the happiness that we are enjoying. But, NOT so that you'll think WE are great! Folks, NO one is good enough to do what the LORD has done for us. NO! ONE! His activity has and continues to build my faith.... continues to give me the desire to speak of HIS great name to EVERYONE.

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, But to Your name give glory
Because of Your lovingkindness, because of Your truth.
Psalm 115:1

So, it's been a year! Some things haven't changed. The Lord is still good. His lovingkindness is on display constantly. And, the truth of who He is still deserves glory. 

A few things HAVE changed.... our location, our priorities, people that we see regularly, our faith/trust in the LORD, our church, our daily dependence on God, and.... my view. :) 
I'm praising Him this morning. He loves us so much that He blesses us even in His discipline. His plans for His children are always to prosper us. I'd like to encourage you to look back over your year or years and find the ways God has brought about goodness in your own life in situations that WERE NOT part of your plan. He's so SMART! And, He knows what's best for us. To HIS name give glory.... He's very worthy!

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Dee Dee said...

Always so encouraged by your ponderings. Todd and I have said several times lately that we need to go back and document God's faithfulness to us during this past year. It's been a wild ride that we never would have asked for, but we would have missed out, as well, on the blessings He had in store for us. Love you, sweet friend!!