Tuesday, March 10

I Need My Hour BACK!!!

Honestly, one little hour should not make a huge difference. But, I have been tired since Sunday. I also keep having to explain to Caleb why we have to get ready for school while it is dark outside. Although, I'm not quite sure why he is concerned. He has never seen the point in waiting on the sun to get out of bed.

I might be tired for more reasons than the time change, though. I traveled to Memphis this weekend for a weekend with SLAM. I am truly sorry if it is annoying to anyone that we continue to refer to ourselves in this Jr. High manner. But, it's just easier. And, let's just be honest, when we get together we act like we are still in Jr. High.

Here is proof.

This is what we did while Laney was looking for children's bedding in Target. Only those who "get" Jr. High humor would pretend to sleep in the patio furniture on display in Target.

I love my time with my friends. We have been friends since 8th grade. At that time, we began the tradition of a Christmas party which we have carried on to this day. However, once children came into the picture, our "Christmas" didn't necessarily land ON Christmas. One year, I believe we celebrated mid-February. But, we have been adamant about having our time together. Sadly, though, most years, our Christmas gathering was the only time we all got together.

Since Jason's death, we have gotten together 3 times. Amazing! While I am so very thankful for our visits, I just wonder why it takes a tragedy to realize the importance of friendships.

I just want to share briefly a little bit about our last visit to Memphis. It was years ago. Macy was single then. She and a friend wanted to show us all that Memphis had to offer, so they took us down town to a Loyko (I forgot how to spell it) performance. If memory serves me correctly, Macy's sweet friend was VERY excited about the cultural experience that we were going to enjoy.

We had no clue what to expect other than music of some type. Oh my goodness, we needed more warning. The group surged the stage wearing the tightest pants I have ever seen on men. They also had very long, very frizzy dark hair. And, can I just tell you, they were EXCITED about their music. The four of us did what we were sure everyone else in the theater would do -- LAUGHED UNCONTROLLABLY.

However, no one else was laughing. They were quite mesmerized by the performance. Our attempt to stop laughing only made it worse and our inside laughter shook the entire row of seats. And, when Macy took out paper and pen to start writing notes, I knew I was done. We are still unsure why we didn't just leave. Even after intermission, we paraded back into our seats (I'm sure those around us were thrilled) for more. The insane group of people that we were a part of even asked for an encore. It was the longest show of my life -- but it has provided laughter for us for many years.

This year, Macy redeemed herself with tickets to the Orpheum, and the show was fabulous -- SERIOUSLY!

Wearing our feather boas, we received many stares as we walked throughout downtown and into the theater. But, we are accustomed to being stared at. Most of the time, people stare at us because we are acting ridiculous. But, I also know that many watch us because our friendship is an oddity.

I have come to realize that so many people just don't have close friends. And, those that do, usually haven't had them for over 15 years. So, for whatever reason God chose to include me in this very special friendship, I am eternally grateful. Sadly, sometimes, the manifestation of that gratefulness is obnoxious behavior (or lengthy posts).

But, oh well, it's a small price to pay. Can't wait till the next visit, girls. Laney, you and McComb have big shoes to fill.


Stephanie said...

thanking God for our friendship now and forever! indeed a blessing i know i'll never get over. love you much and can't wait to see you on monday!


Carly Winborne said...

so so fun! i was just laughing out loud reading this post!

i remember when stephanie moved to hattiesburg hearing about SLAM. i love it!!

thanks for sharing your fun!