Sunday, March 15

A Childhood Memory

It's SPRING BREAK!!! And, the beauty of Sunday night with no school tomorrow seriously overshadows the dreary, ugliness outside.

I have been in the kitchen preparing hamburger patties, because our fun friends, the Bryants, are coming over for dinner. Outside the kitchen window, I have a perfect view of Scotty and all three kids. They have been swinging (mainly squealing, because Daddy swings much higher than Mama) and jumping on the trampoline.

As I watch, I am having flashbacks to holidays when I was in school. Whether it was Christmas vacation, Spring Break or the summer, my favorite part was always Sunday night. There was such a great feeling about coming home from church and knowing we didn't have to rush to the bed. We could play games, stay with a friend, or (my personal favorite) watch the Sunday night movie. What ever happened to those Sunday night movies?

Anyway, we don't have much planned for this Spring Break week, but I'm looking at lots of "unplanned fun". So, I suppose our week holds promise of great times.

Enjoy your time away from long days and crazy schedules.

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Stephanie said...

what DID happen to sunday night movies? i, like you, LOVE sunday nights when there is NO school the next day/week. such a great feeling. looking forward to tomorrow...should be big fun to see the kids play together.
love you,