Thursday, January 28

The Power of Words....

Claire is becoming quite the talker. She didn't talk as quickly as Collin did. And, we blame most of that on the pacifier. Obviously, we weren't overly concerned about that, because she STILL has it. Recently, however, she has really been talking A LOT. I mean, she's stringing sentences together and really communicating.

Now, as all parents know, this can be really good AND it can be pretty bad. A point made very clear by her most recent phrase..."STOP TALKING TO ME!" which she says very clearly and very emphatically with just a touch of disrespect.

The other day, we were in the van (I know, SHOCKER!)on our way to pick up Caleb, and Collin was really irritating Claire. I mean, honestly, he was driving her nuts. Every time he said something, she would scream her new, favorite phrase. However, he was not getting the picture, and they were BOTH driving ME nuts.

So, I turned around and asked Collin to stop bothering her. Then, I looked at Claire and asked her to quit saying that. She paused, turned her gaze (glare!) to me and said, "YOU stop talking to me TOO!"

Well, I carry a spanking stick in the car for these types of occasions. But, this one took me by such surprise that I had to turn my head for a quick grin before taking care of business.

Wow! I mean, you just assume that certain issues -- like respect for a parent -- are just innate, yet I am reminded over and over that they certainly ARE NOT. That sweet, little girl turned on her Mama in a second, and I saw first hand the power struggle that is beginning already.

Last night, though, I was cleaning the kitchen while she kind of fumbled around at my feet. Without any prompting or persuading, she looked up and said, "Mama, I love you." Awww... I could live off of that for a while.

At some point, Claire will have to learn that with her new knowledge of communication, she now has the power to speak LIFE or DEATH.

In the meantime, it's a good reminder for her mother!


Amy H. said...
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winstead family said...

wow, that's really a funny story amy! i just have to say, i soak up your blog everytime you write. i just LOVE it. keep on!