Tuesday, January 5

OH NO...Another Hunter?!?!

Late yesterday afternoon, Scotty pulled out a deer hunting video. He, Caleb and Collin all sat in the den for quite some time watching hunters prepare for and shoot animals. The boys were loving it.

Collin got all worked up over this hunting thing. He made Scotty pull out the guns to show him. They talked about going to shoot at targets and getting ready to hunt "for real".

Right before bed, Collin began announcing that after his "sleep", he was going to go for a hunt in our back yard. He told me that he would shoot a squirrel, bring it inside, and I could cook it. He's very imaginative, so I went along with the pretending.Or, so I thought.

Well...at 1:30 a.m., Caleb and Collin were standing beside my bed. Caleb looked as if he might still be sleeping. Collin looked wide awake. When I said, "what in the world are y'all doing," Collin said, "we're going hunting!"

At that point, I chuckled a little (out loud which made him a little angry), and Caleb rolled his eyes and went back to his bed. So, I knew that he was indeed still sleeping. There is no telling what his brother told him to get him out of bed.

Thankfully, Collin was able to sleep off his disappointment. But, when Ms. Erin put him in the car after preschool, she let me know that he had told her all about "the hunt" that was about to take place. So, after lunch, he grabbed his bow and arrows, put on his thick camo jacket and climbed the only tree in our backyard that he could climb (a very short Dogwood). He sat perched there quite some time with his arrow in place and the string pulled back just waiting for the perfect squirrel. I don't know much about hunting in general, but I'm pretty sure squirrels don't come to you. And, a bow and arrow wouldn't necessarily be the best choice in weapon for such a hunting excursion. I guess he knew, though, that a deer sure wasn't going to happen into our back yard.

I have had MANY frustrations over the years with Scotty's hunting. It's hard to get used to the obsession. Then, with a family, it's difficult to like the thing that takes Daddy away from us on precious days off. BUT, if the boys end up enjoying it and it's something they can do together, it just might be worth it.

Because, that sweet, little boy had so much fun pretending this morning that the real thing should be quite an adventure.


winstead family said...

i've just learned to try to go with the flow and remember that at least hunting season isn't year round! THEN, we'd have a problem!

winstead family said...

amy, i gave you an award on my blog!

Dee Dee said...

I so wish you had captured a picture. I bet this happens again, though.

I will say that seeing all the enjoyment the girls get with their dad does help ease the "sting" of a hunting husband, not to mention all the deer meat!

Stephanie said...

Reading this made me remember the time Scott killed a squirrel in our backyard one Sunday after church when we first had moved to McComb. Weren't you with us? Anyway, great memory and I think you def have hunters in your boys! Thank the good Lord for Claire! ;) Precious pic, by the way!
Love you!