Friday, June 19

To Our Favorite Dad

Well, as hard as I tried to get it done on time, my Father's Day post to Scotty is LATE. Our weekend was more than was chaotic. We had a baseball tournament for Caleb, a wedding for my cousin, and a couple of birthday parties in the mix as well.

Saturday morning, Claire and I had to be at a brunch, Scotty and the boys had to buy a birthday present and get to a birthday party (for like 45 minutes) and then get to the field for a series of ballgames. My sister, Claire and I were about 20 minutes late for our brunch, and I told Sassy that I have learned to embrace the fact that most of what I do is late these days.

It is during crazy weekends like this one that I am most thankful for Scotty. At 10:00 Friday night, after several games and a Rehearsal dinner, I gave him his agenda for Saturday morning. You know...get up, get the boys ready, buy a birthday present, get Collin to the birthday party and Caleb to his game (which he had to coach as well), Scotty gave no, well minimal, argument.

I have the privilege of staying home with our wonderful children, and many dads would consider that reason enough for me to "take care" of the household stuff. Not Scotty! He works during the day, and at 5:00, pulls in the driveway ready to begin his second shift. He doesn't even think of relaxing until all three children are sound asleep.

They LOVE to play with him. And, I LOVE to watch them play (except when the play takes place 5 minutes before bedtime...that happens often!)

So, from all of us, Scotty..."Happy Daddy's Day!" We love you THIIIIISSSS Much!


Stephanie said...

so sweet...
so very thankful that one of my bestest friends married a guy like scotty rogers. love all of you,

Alyson said...

I love you and think you are one super daddy!!!!
Thank you for all you do for my sis and the 3Cs!!