Wednesday, October 29

A Halloween for the History Books

Long time, no post. Right?

We were actually 2 children short this weekend. My mom took Collin and Claire to spend the weekend in Baton Rouge. Originally, I was going to sell for Grace Notes. Although there was a change in plans, Mom still wanted to keep the kids. Collin was SO excited about going. I think they both had a great time, and Claire came home making "sweet eyes".

We should have been well rested having an only child all weekend, but you know better than that. We took full advantage of being able to do things with Caleb that we are unable to do with three children. From Friday until Sunday, we; had John David over to spend the night, spent entirely too much money at Gattitown, watched two soccer games, saw High School Musical 3 (EXCELLENT!!!) and ate at Bonsai.

Our family was reunited on Monday just as a very hectic week was beginning. I've just decided that all of my weeks are going to be hectic for many years now. Having three children means that the children outnumber the parents, and there are certain times that I really FEEL outnumbered; meal time, bedtime, sporting events (when more than one play), and, apparently, HALLOWEEN.

WOW. Parties for each classroom, a costume for each child, field trips to the pumpkin patch, carnivals for church, carnivals for school -- there is not enough money in our bank account or time in the day for such adventures. I'm sure none of the room mothers for any of my classes at Northside would ever read my posts. But, if you do, you made all of this Mom stuff look a whole lot easier than it is. I'm having a lot of fun. I just thought it would be a little more glamorous than it really is. Who knew that buying two Ninja costumes that have 5 ties each (belt, 2 arm ties, 2 leg ties) just might be the one event that sends me back to my medication. (It's still in the cabinet. I'm not taking any chances.)

This afternoon I was in the kitchen putting together Halloween buckets for Collin's class. He was eating lunch. He looked over and said, "Mom, you're making me very nervous."

I THINK he used the wrong word. But, I was moving at such a rapid pace that he may have been correct. I just said, "Me too, Collin."

As my nerves got more and more frayed, I kept remembering Halloween two years ago. I have smiled many times today just thinking about it. I am going to leave you with a summation of that night's events. Maybe you will smile, but mainly I want it in print just in case I ever forget it.

O.K., so Caleb was 3 and Collin was 1. Scotty was not participating in Halloween with us, because it was a Tuesday night and he had clients in Vicksburg. (If you're wondering if he regrets that decision, let me just say, I'm pretty sure he does.) Even though I was a single parent that night, my plans were big. We were going to visit my grandmother who was recovering from knee surgery in a nursing home, attend a local church carnival and return home where we could visit the Petrosino's very lit up house and pass out candy to trick-or -treaters.

Well, I was completely drenched in sweat after getting costumes on both boys. Caleb was a cowboy. His costume wasn't too difficult. Re-tucking his button up shirt so that his "cowboy" belt would show was his only complication. But, Collin, was a cowboy riding a horse. So, after dressing him like a cowboy, we had to step his legs into the back legs of a horse (I'm sure you've seen those costumes). As I said, he was 1, so however much time you think that would take, add about 30 minutes. I did all of this before realizing that a one year old can't ride in a car seat in a horse costume. The costume must come off only moments after getting it on. So there you go. Melt down #1.

I'm going to recap the night's events QUICKLY. Our nursing home visit went well until departure time when Collin (who was our very laid back child at that point) fell apart in the parking lot. I literally used every muscle in my body to buckle him back into the car seat to head to the next destination. (Are you with me? Horse costume off again only to be put back on again.) At MHBC, things would have gone very smoothly had no one else chosen to attend. You see, Caleb would wait patiently in lines. But, right about the time for his turn, Collin would take off to another event. I had to chase him; therefore, Caleb would have to leave his spot to come with me. We did that about 45 minutes and I couldn't take it anymore. I just remember feeling so guilty because Caleb couldn't do many activities even though he was so well behaved.

Well, we made it home. The Petrosinos were outside and there was a steady stream of carloads of kids coming to trick or treat, because their house was so lit up. This was actually the first year that we lived in this house, and I didn't know this many kids participated in trick-or-treating. The boys had a great time in the Petrosino's drive way, so I began visiting and just enjoying the night for the first time. It was starting to cool off, the excitement from all of the kids was contagious and the boys were entertained...finally. About 10 minutes into it, Collin begins screaming (SCREAMING!!!) We looked over, and he had touched one of the lights lining the flower beds. I'm sorry, he grabbed the lights burning four fingers on that hand.

We rushed home and I put ice and water on it, gave him Motrin and decided I just needed to get him ready for bed. But, again, poor Caleb was missing Halloween. We turned our porch light on and he handed out candy while I was dealing with Collin. Caleb thoroughly enjoyed this power. I was in the den with him but not really paying attention. After about 20 minutes, the candy was gone and Caleb was crying. I had not planned for so many trick-or-treaters OR for the large handfulls of candy Caleb was passing out. Halloween officially OVER!

We turned out the porch light and I did what any Mom would do with two crying babies after a night such as the one I just described. I joined them. It was about that time that Scotty called from the car on his way home. He was only about 15 minutes away. But, I'm pretty sure I gave him a blow by blow of the entire evening with screaming as accompaniment before he made it home. And, I assure you, I left nothing out.

So, as we prepare to go to our church carnival tonight, the first of several Halloween functions, I am praying for better results. If not, I'm sure I'll have a great story.


Dee Dee said...

I loved your recounting of Halloween past. I remember hearing about it then, too. I'm braving it tonight at MHBC as a single parent, but Jill and Jeremy have promised me help! We're planning to divide and conquer. Sure hope it works! :-)

Amy said...
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Aly said...

Hi Sis!
I love the pics!
I laughed and cried at your Halloween 07 story! Laughed because it is so typical - cried because I think I would have taken the BOTTLE OF MEDICINE! (Just kidding, anyone who does not know me, this is not a cry for help)
I can not wait to hear about Halloween 08. The kids look PRECIOUS! Do not tell the boys I said precious...Tell them they scared me so much I started kicking and screaming because I thought ninjas were coming after me!! (Again, if you do not know me, I am not crazy. My therapist says I am "creative")
I am learning from you and taking notes... Do not dress kid in costume that can not be buckled in. Got it!