Monday, September 29

Thank God it's... MONDAY!!!

Well, that's a phrase you don't hear too often isn't it? However, I am most happy that our weekend is over. We had an eventful, yet teary, weekend for sure. This post has the potential to be extremely long. So, I am just going to write in list form so that you can see how our weekend went. If you can get your hands on a recording of some screaming children to play in the background, that would really be helpful in getting the FULL effect.

1. Friday night, we made caramel apples together (Me, Caleb & Collin). I enjoy having caramel apples during the Fall and thought they would enjoy making them with me. It began with both boys crying because the caramel was sticky!! We were using the caramel that comes in sheets. You literally just LAY the caramel over the apple. But, somehow, Collin's ended up in one giant ball on the very top of his apple. So, he cried --screamed -- until I fixed it. The event progressed in similar fashion until the grand finale. As Caleb was putting the tray of apples into the oven, Collin decided to grab the oven rack. (This would be a good time to turn your recording of screaming children UP a few notches.) I began asking myself "why" I do these things to myself. Then, I remembered I wanted some good, Fall pictures. So, here they are.

Great Fall pics, huh!!

2. On Saturday, we played soccer in South Jackson. I was very excited about it, because Caleb is very fun to watch. Well, the SJ teams were a little tougher than our Clinton teams. Approximately 8 minutes into the game, Caleb came out crying. He stated that he wasn't going back in. He was just going to watch. "That team is too hard," he says. "I'm only playing the easy teams from now on." Now, I'm sure most of you can guess how Scotty and I handled this episode. Not well I can assure you. He was beyond frustrated and his logic was making me crazy. At this point I truly wanted to join in the crying/screaming myself. Finally, I told Caleb that he should just stop talking, because I was just getting more angry. (I know -- not very compassionate and motherly. The screaming just drowned it out.)

3. The weekend ended with a not so great confrontation with Scotty. Marriage struggles are always great right in the middle of child struggles. Lately, I have been thanking God for Jesus in the middle of HUGE life struggles like my friend, Stephanie, is facing. This weekend, I was reminded that I am so thankful for Jesus in the middle of just normal, family "stuff". "In this world, you will face troubles, but take heart, I (Jesus) have overcome the world."

There have to be so many other ways that God could have saved us all, rescued us and brought us back to Himslef. But, He chose to send Jesus right into this world -- the same world, with the same frustrations. I'm so thankful that He can relate. I'm also thankful that He reminded me right in the middle of a "not so great" weekend that these children are precious. And, I am grateful for every moment that I get to have with them (even the screaming ones).

And, surely I am due a great week after such a trying weekend. Oh, but maybe not. I just went to move clothes from the washer to the dryer and it looks like a pull-up got washed AGAIN!!!! If this has never happened to you, it is the biggest mess you've ever seen. I guess I better brace myself for more of the same. "I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength." Thank you, Jesus.

Oh, and I just have to throw in a picture of little Claire. She gets left out in my posts, because she is just so easy. She hasn't given us any really great stories, yet. So, this is what she looked like through most of the weekend's events. What an angel.


Amy said...
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Stephanie said...

great stuff... love you much and so looking forward to 'hanging' again SOON!
love you,

Jill said...

Great blog amy! Yes, pullups are horrible in the wash...and so are long days at the soccer field. I know what you mean! Have an awesome deserve it!

Dee Dee said...

I have to say we've never experienced a pull-up in the washer...give thanks for everything!

Lori said...

Hoping this weekend is better - you deserve it!