Wednesday, September 24

A New Adventure

Life in the Rogers' home has been changing throughout the summer. Scotty has been experiencing some changes with a few of his jobs. I am smiling as I write this, because, if you know us you know that Scotty has more than a few jobs. Anyway, there have been some changes and one of his jobs ended in June. Due to the fact that I stay home, changes in his job situation affect our finances greatly. He has been very faithful to trust that God will provide, and I am happy to report that He has. Scotty began as the interim Preschool Minister at FBC Clinton this week. We are very excited about this job. I think that Scotty's gifts in working with families and his specific training in family counseling make this job perfect for him. And, it is truly an answer to prayer.

Earlier this year, FBC Clinton was an answer to our prayer for a new church home. We have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly we have felt "at home" there. The staff was so quick to welcome us and our Sunday School class has been great. We were most impressed with how much they did for and with our children. So, I am very happy that this place was also God's answer to our prayer for a job for Scotty.

On Sunday nights, we fellowship with our Sunday School class (and all of our families). This past Sunday, we took supper into the gym. We let the kids play while the adults visited. Anyway, as I was eating my supper, Collin appeared doing his "pee pee dance". All of you parents, know exactly what I am talking about. I jumped into action, because I could tell by the amount of dancing going on that he had waited too late, and we needed to find a bathroom QUICKLY. Unfortunately, we made it into the bathroom, but we did not get pants down before the pee pee was coming out. EVERYWHERE. Collin was screaming, because this never happens. But, mainly, he just didn't want to go home.

My great friend, Heather, offered some shorts that belong to Logan, her 2 year old. I asked Collin if he wanted to wear the shorts and stay. Of course, the crying ended immediately and we put the shorts on and out he went -- completely oblivious to all of the snickers going on as he exited the bathroom. He is 3 years old and pretty big for his age. So, Logan's shorts were clearly too small. Not to mention the fact that there was no shirt.

Now, let me just say, if this had been Caleb, I would have had to hide in the bathroom with him until everyone had left. Then, smuggle him out of the bathroom so NO ONE could see. Collin is all about the fun. He doesn't mind being laughed at. Actually, he really enjoys it. And, believe it or not. He woke up Monday morning and the first thing he said was, "I want to wear Logan's clothes today." Maybe I shouldn't have made it a big deal, but we had quite the argument over why he was not wearing the too small shorts again.

Collin brings such life and laughter to our home. With the fun, he brings some embarrassing moments. I'm sure this is only the beginning. But, he's so much fun. I continue to be amazed at how different each of our children are. Being a Mom is so great. (Most of the time. :)

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