Sunday, December 28

Merry Christmas 2008

My holiday season was most influenced by Steph's words in her post on Christmas Eve. I have thought about the message of this hospital employee over and over. Please read it. We never know when God is using our simple words to affect the lives of others.

We had a great Christmas as I am sure most of you did. Here are a few pictures. Just in case you start trying to count all of the costumes, there were 8 I believe. Collin won't be wearing normal clothes for a while.


Amy said...
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Stephanie said...

Loved the pics... Looks like all had a great Christmas! I miss you and thank God for your dear friendship. I love you much and Jason loved you, too! :)

Jill said...

Where did you get the Star Wars costumes??? Our kids are Star Wars fanatics. In fact...Jeremy JUST put them to bed because the three of them were too busy playing Star Wars lego on the Wii!