Wednesday, December 10

It's beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas

I do it every year. I say I'm not going to get overwhelmed. I'm going to enjoy the holidays and be simplistic in all that we do.

We don't overdo the holidays by any stretch of the imagination. But, it doesn't matter. Before I know it, we're running frazzled in every direction and my "list" grows longer and longer by the second.

We were able to get the house decorated (inside and out) the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That was pretty amazing considering we drove in from Orlando on Saturday. MeMe & Pop brought Claire home on Sunday afternoon. I had decided that I would just wait until Mother's Day Out on Tuesday to begin decorating. But, by mid afternoon on Sunday, we couldn't wait any longer. And, as the busy week progressed, I was so glad that we didn't wait. It was such a great feeling to have something marked off the every growing list.

When Claire got home with MeMe & Pop, she only wanted to hug Caleb. They hugged like this for a good 5 minutes. Too sweet!!!

When I'm nominated for "mother of the year", this is the picture I will submit.

This week, I have written and re-written the gift list to make sure I haven't left anyone off. I am usually completely done with shopping by this time, and I haven't even begun yet. And, this list is only teacher gifts (for three kids!!), friends and family.

My Santa shopping is pretty pitiful. Actually, it's just sad, because I've done nothing.

Well, I take that back. Collin LOVES to dress up. He listed a couple of costumes that he would like to get for Christmas. One of those costumes is Batman.

Last week in Walmart, I walked past the clearance isle and just happened to notice a Batman cape, gloves, belt, etc. on sale. All of it was under twenty dollars, so needless to say I was pretty proud of myself.

I left for my trip to Hattiesburg with my purchases still in the back of the van. I figured it was safer there than anywhere in the house anyway.

BUT, on Monday, I had to run in Heather's to pick up Christmas cards. I instructed the boys to stay in their seat belts. I did not plan to be long.

Upon returning to the van, I found Collin out of his seat and sitting on the back seat with Caleb. I was a little frustrated that he hadn't obeyed. (Because of course he ALWAYS obeys me. )As I looked closer, they were each holding a piece of the Batman costume.

Now, for those of you that have trouble with Santa due to the fact that the story is just that -- a story requiring a small bit of dishonesty, you might not want to read on. No one in this house enjoys the magic of Santa more than me. AND, my Santa purchase was so inexpensive that I couldn't just let my find be wasted.

I explained to Caleb and Collin that the costume was going to be for them. BUT, since they did not obey, I just couldn't give it to them. So, I gave it to Heather to "give" to Luke and told the boys they could ask Santa for a Batman costume, because I wasn't buying another one. I wish you could have heard the screaming in the car.

Although I know that I will go to Heather's later in the week, get the costume, put it in a new box and wrap it up from Santa, Collin's broken heart was still difficult to handle. I was pretty happy with myself for the quick save. Now, if anyone has a suggestion as to how I will handle the boys wanting to play with the costume that we gave Luke next time we visit, I'd love to hear it.

Gifts, lists and schedules aside, Christmas is the most wonderful holiday. Because in celebrating the birth of the baby, Jesus, we recognize the beginning of the greatest rescue plan ever. God's great determination to reconcile us to Himself meant that Jesus had to leave Heaven. He had to come and join in our humanity (in the most helpless state of humanity) in order to save all mankind. That is more than enough of a reason for me to slow down this season (and all seasons, really) and to appreciate this life that cost my Heavenly Father so very much.

I still have a couple of weeks to work on that.


winstead family said...

oh amy you are a fabulous writer! i LOVED READING THIS POST!! and i especially loved the ladder picture!! too funny!

Dee Dee said...

The things we do for Santa. He ought to be pretty grateful!! :-)